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Honda Home Link: What is it and how to use it

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

What is Home Link?

Home Link is the world's most trusted vehicle-based control system. Most people are aware that it can be programmed to open and close the garage door from the convenience of the vehicle but there are many other features many people might not be aware of such as activating and deactivate your home’s security system, and turn on or off your interior and exterior lighting, appliances, and electronics. All of this can be done from just three simple buttons located in the vehicle.

Honda Homelink

How to use Home Link

Using it is as simple as pressing a button but first, it has to be programmed to the garage door. Below are some simple steps to do just that.

Programing for the first time

  1. Clear objects away from the garage door.

  2. Make sure there is a fresh battery in the remote control transmitter that is programmed to the garage door.

  3. Park the vehicle outside of the garage.

  4. Turn the vehicle's ignition on.

  5. Hold the remote control transmitter 1"-3" away from the three buttons in the vehicle.

  6. With both hands simultaneously press and hold the remote control transmitter and the desired home link button.

  7. Hold both buttons until the home link light flashes from slow to more rapid or or becomes solid.

  8. If the light becomes solid the programming is complete, therefore press the home link button twice to activate it.

  9. If the light flashes rapidly and pressing the home link button twice does not activate it that means the garage has a rolling code and therefore additional steps are needed.

  10. Press the learn button on the back of the garage door opener motor.

  11. Within 30 seconds go back to the vehicle and press the desired home link button 3 times, once that is done the garage door should be activated.

Reprograming a single button

  1. Park the vehicle outside of the garage.

  2. Turn on the ignition.

  3. Press and hold the button that needs to be reprogramed for 20 seconds which should make the light flash slowly.

  4. While continuing to hold the home link button hold the remote control transmitter 1"-3" away from the three buttons.

  5. From here repeat the steps stated above in order to program it for the first time.

Erasing the memory

  1. Press the two outside buttons for 10 seconds until the light changes from solid to flashing.

Watch the video below for more in-depth visual instructions.

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Stanley Joseph
Stanley Joseph
Nov 22, 2021

Honda homelink works when Ignition off without keys. It's a big security risk someone could break into your car and open the garage if parked in the driveway. Anyone have a solution how to disable the homelink when Ignition off...


Oct 31, 2021

I has called a locksmith to help me out programming the home link with the doors.

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