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How to use Cruise Control & Adaptive Cruise Control

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

How to use Cruise Control & Adaptive Cruise Control on a 2016 Honda Civic

One of the biggest questions we get on the 2016 Honda civic is How to use cruise control with the new feature of adaptive cruise control also known as ACC. ACC is an amazing feature on select Honda models and trim levels. ACC maintains a constant speed like traditional cruise control does; but also does so much more. When the driver engages ACC the car will automatically slow down to keep a safe distance from the car in front. The vehicle can also come to a complete stop and resume back to its set speed when the car in front begins to drive again. below are steps and a video to show you how to use the ACC on your vehicle.

Honda Adaptive Cruise Control

Below are Tips Describing How To Use Cruise Control & ACC

• To engage the cruise control system first press the main button on the steering wheel. ACC will appear on the instrument panel. Lane Keeping Assist or LKAS will be engaged also.

• The system can be set at any speed 25mph or greater. Accelerate to the desired speed and then press the set button on the steering wheel. When this is done 4 distance bars and an outline of a car will display next to ACC on the instrument panel. This indicates the following distance the vehicle is set at. If there is no vehicle ahead the car on the instrument panel will remain as just an outline. Once a car moves in front of your vehicle the outlined vehicle will fill in and become solid.

• when the driver presses the distance button on the steering wheel different following distances can be set. The distances can be set to short, middle, long, and extra long. The following distance also varies depending on one the vehicle's speed. For example, on the extra-long setting, the set following distance is 154 ft at 50 mph. Once the vehicle climbs to 65mph the set distance changes to 200ft.

• The set speed can be increased by pressing the res + button on the steering wheel. The speed can also be decreased by pressing the set - button on the steering wheel.

Canceling the System

• There are three ways to cancel the system. you can either press the cancel button or the Main button located on the steering wheel. You can also simply press the brake to cancel everything.

• The vehicle can also be set to traditional cruise control by pressing the distance button for at least one second. Once this is done the distance bars will disappear on the dash board and be replaced with "cruise mode". ACC can be re-activated by simply pressing the distance button again for at least one second.

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