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How to Use A Honda Remote Car Starter in 2 Simple Steps

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

How to Use A Honda Remote Car Starter

Honda Key Fob

Honda's Remote Car starter is easier to use than ever. Here are  two simple steps for using it.

1. On the Key Fob Press the lock button.

2. Within 5 seconds press and hold the remote start button.

That's it!

The vehicle will start within a few moments. Once the vehicle does start the turn signals will flash 6 times to notify that the vehicle did start. That's not all the remote starter does though. There are many other tips and tricks every Honda owner should now.

Additional Run Time: After the vehicle is started with the remote starter the vehicle will run for 10 minutes then shut off. To keep the vehicle running longer simply repeat the starting procedure by pressing the lock button then hold the remote start button. By doing this the vehicle will run for an additional 10 minutes.

Turning Vehicle Off Remotely: The vehicle can also be turned off remotely. To do this just press the remote start button again. The turn signals will flash once and the the car will turn off.

Climate Control: Once the car is started remotely the climate control will start automatically and set itself to 72 degrees fahrenheit. On warm days the vehicle will use the air conditioner and circulate feature to bring the temperature down to 72 degrees. On cold days the heater and defrosters will engage to warm the vehicle up. The heated seat will also be engaged in low mode on equipped models to warm the seats up before getting in. Be aware that the indicator light will not illuminate on the heated seat buttons.

Driving After The Vehicle is Remotely Started: While the car is running the driver can approach the vehicle and enter it like normal with the smart entry key. Once the vehicle is entered the driver still needs to press the brake pedal and press the stop/start button on the car in order to drive it.

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