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How to lock my key fob in my car

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Here is How to lock your Honda key fob in your car and still be able to retrieve it later

There are a few instances where you want to lock your key fob inside your car, but there are some reasons where this might make sense to do. If you are going to the beach, camping, boating or any other activity that may result in getting wet or damaging the fob in any way, leaving the key fob behind may be a good idea. One option is to buy a lockbox and hide it or attach it to the outside of the vehicle but this is probably not the safest option. Luckily Honda has an alternative method built into the features of the vehicle that allows you to lock the key fob inside the car while letting you get back in later without an additional fob. As most Honda owners know locking the keys inside the vehicle seems impossible since the vehicle will unlock itself if it detects the keyfob anywhere inside the vehicle. Even if you manually lock the doors using the door controls on your way out the vehicle will automatically unlock. There is a loophole that allows you to do this though. Read below for step-by-step instructions on how to lock your key fob in the vehicle.

  1. Turn the vehicle off

  2. Take the traditional key out of the fob. (To do this slide the release tab over on the back of the fob while pulling the chrome end away from the rest of the fob. The traditional key should slide right out.)

  3. Leave the fob anywhere in the vehicle. A good spot to keep it out of sight would be in the glove box or center console.

  4. Exit the vehicle with the traditional key in hand and shut all the doors

  5. insert the traditional key into the driver's side door and turn it counter clock ways to lock it.

  6. Pull the traditional key out and take it with you. You will notice the doors won't automatically unlock and will stay locked.

  7. To unlock the doors just insert the traditional key back into the driver's side door and turn it clockwise and all the doors will unlock.

The traditional key is way more durable than the fob and can be completely submerged in water without being affected so you can take it anywhere with you. Just be sure not to lose it since you will need it to get back into the vehicle. Watch the video below for more detailed instructions.

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Jun 07, 2022

I got these details from locksmith largo team and it seems really useful for me.


Alice Gill
Alice Gill
Dec 18, 2021

I am shipping my car to Florida and there is no one there to hold the key for me. Now what?

Steven Albert Bartlett
Steven Albert Bartlett
Feb 05, 2022
Replying to

Get yourself a penpal @ a Florida the time u get down there...Hey will b out prison & on parole....since he was in prison for car theft..He will kno how to quickly get into ur 💘 & ur Kar...


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