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Honda Tire Pressure Light

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

What Does The Honda Tire Pressure Light Look Like?

If your TPMS system detects at least one or more of your tires has low pressure an indicator like the picture to the left will pop up on your dashboard. The light represents a tire with an explanation mark in it. Don't get this confused with your TPMS Light indicator. Therefore If a light on your dash comes up that spells out TPMS like the picture to the left, that means there is something malfunctioning with the TPMS system.

What to do when your Honda Tire Pressure Light comes on

Inspect The Issue

If the Honda Tire Pressure Light comes on and stays on while driving pull over when it's safe. Inspect each tire to see which tires are low on air. Once this is determined do your best to see what the cause is. If it's a flat tire, replace the flat tire with the spare tire. If two or more tires are flat the vehicle will have to be towed to a repair shop.

Adding Air To The Tires

After inspecting each tire and neither tire looks damaged or significantly low on air you may want to bring it to the closest service/rest area that has an air compressor to check the tire pressure and add air if needed. If you are unsure of how much pressure to fill the tires up to, check your vehicles manual or the label on the inside of the drivers door jam for the correct specifications. Take the caps off of the tire stems and fill each tire up to the correct specifications and not to mention, remember to put the caps back on the tire stems.

Calibrating TPMS Sensor

Once all of the tires are filled to the appropriate pressure the tire pressure light will still be on. To turn this light off the TPMS system will have to be re-calibrated. This is done very simply. Below are simple steps to do so.

Models with the touchscreen display

• From the Home screen, select Settings. • Go into vehicle settings. • Select TPMS Calibration. •Select Calibrate.

Models without the touchscreen display:

Use the steering wheel buttons to make and enter selections in the Driver Information Interface. • Scroll to the vehicle Settings screen, and select it. • Select TPMS Calibration. • Select Calibrate.

Using the TPMS Button

Most Honda's are equipped with a TPMS calibration button as well. The button is usually located right underneath the dash. Identically the button has the same tire symbol with exclamation mark that shows up on your dash. To re-calibrate the TPMS system using this button just...

• Turn the vehicle on.

• Leave the vehicle in park. If the vehicle is a manual transmission, put the vehicle in neutral.

• Press and hold the button until the tire pressure light on the dash blinks. Furthermore, the vehicle will do the rest of the calibration on its own when driven.

Watch the video below to learn how to calibrate TPMS light on a 2018 Honda Fit.

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Matt Donahue
Matt Donahue

Great information! I needed added air to my tires when the light came on and needed to clear the light - your site described the process to re-calibrated the TPMS perfectly. Thank you!

One note - in the first paragraph, I think the first sentence needs to say "right" not "left". "If your TPMS system detects at least one or more of your tires has low pressure an indicator like the picture to the right will pop up on your dashboard"

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