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How To Use The Honda Accord Smart Key with Push Button Start

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

How To Use The Honda Accord Smart Key with Push Button Start

How to use the Honda Accord Smart Key. Honda's Accord Smart Key has many unique functions that you need to know if you own one. These tips and tricks will add so much more convenience to your life. HondaPro Jason does an amazing job walking through what each function is and how to use them in the video below. Below is a list explaining everything in detail.

Honda Accord

Lock & Unlock the Vehicle:

There are many ways to unlock & lock the car from the outside.

• 1st way is to hit the unlock button and lock button on the Smart Key Fob

• 2nd way is to put the key in your pocket or purse. Put your hand in the door handle, when the car beeps the vehicle is unlocked and you could open the door. To lock the door just press the black button on the door handle and all four doors will lock.

Roll Windows Down From Outside:

• Click the unlock button and you will see the lights flash. Immediately after that press and hold the unlock button again and the windows and sunroof will open.

What If the Battery Goes Dead in the Smart Key Fob:

If the battery goes dead in the key fob there is no need to panic. You will still be able to unlock, lock and start the vehicle.

• Slide the tab over on the backside of the key fob and you will be able to slide the traditional key out of the key fob. From there you can lock and unlock the car with the key as you would with a traditional key.

•The windows can also be rolled up with the key by locking the car and holding the key in the lock position until the windows are shut and the moonroof is closed.

• To start the vehicle with a dead Key Fob put your foot on the brake and simultaneously hold the key fob right next t0 the start/stop button while pressing it twice.

Opening Trunk

• Hit the trunk button on the key fob • Or press the button on the back of the trunk lid. If you accidentally leave the key in the trunk in a gym bag or jacket there is no need to worry because the trunk will not lock.

Memory Seat Presets

You will notice a number 1 or a number 2 on the back of each key. This is for the memory seats. Once you set the memory seats using the 1 & 2 buttons on the inside of the door the seats will automatically adjust to where you like them every time you get in the car with your key.

Starting & Shutting Car Off

• Turn on the car: Put your foot on the brake and press the start/stop button • Turn off the car: Simply press the start/stop and the car will shut off. • Turn accessory mode on Without your foot on the brake press and release the start/stop button twice.

Valet Key

Use the quick release tab to take the traditional key out. Hand the key fob to the valet driver and keep the traditional key. In the glove box hit the off button on the trunk symbol and this will cut the power to the trunk. Then lock the trunk release lever on the driver's side floor with a traditional key.

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