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Apple Carplay Volume Too Loud

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

If your Apple Carplay volume or ringer is too loud there are very simple ways to fix it.

How to adjust Apple Carplay ringer volume

If the ringer volume on Apple Carplay is too loud all you have to do is turn the volume down on the steering wheel or dashboard while someone is calling. You will notice the ringer change immediately as you adjust the volume. You can test this out and play around with it right in your driveway while parked. All you have to do is bring two phones out to the car. Plug one phone in and connect Apple Carplay. Once the phone is connected to Apple Carplay use the other phone to call the connected phone and you will hear it ring through the car speakers. Let it ring without answering. While the phone is ringing adjust the volume using the steering wheel controls or knob on the dashboard and you will hear the volume change accordingly. Once the volume is changed the ringer volume will stay the same for all future calls until changed again.

How to adjust the telephone call volume

The telephone car volume can be changed the same way as the ringer. The only difference is you change the volume after you pick up the phone call while talking to the person on the other line. Like the ringer volume, the call volume will stay the same for all future calls until changed again. In some Honda models, you can change the call volume in the system settings as well. Below are step-by-step directions.

On the home screen press settings.

Press system.

Press system volume.

Press system Volume again.

Adjust the call volume by sliding the bar to the left or right under Telephone Calls.

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1 Comment

Julie Parrilla
Julie Parrilla
Mar 24, 2023

I keep having to adjust the call volume but everytime I drive again it’s up way too loud. Why does it keep defaulting?

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