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Activating & Deactivating Honda CR-V Automatic Parking Brake

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Automatic Parking Brake

What does the automatic parking brake do?

The Automatic parking brake is a feature on all 2018 Honda CR-Vs. When enabled, the parking brake will engage automatically every time the vehicle is turned off. It will remain engaged until the vehicle is turned back on and manually disengaged by pressing down on the parking brake lever while depressing the brake pedal. this feature can be turned off on and off depending on what you prefer.

Activating & deactivating the automatic parking brake

follow the 5 simple steps below to activate or deactivate your automatic parking brake.

1: Turn the vehicle on

2: Make sure the vehicle is shifted to park

3: Without depressing the brake pedal. pull up and release the parking brake which is located to the left of the shifter lever.

4: Pull up and hold the parking brake switch. When you hear a beeping sound, release the switch and within 3 seconds pull up and hold the switch again.

5: When you hear a beeping sound the procedure is completed.

• Two beeps indicate that the feature has been activated.

• One beep indicates that the feature has been deactivated.

Now you can release the parking brake and turn the car off to make sure it was properly done, if the parking brake comes back on after the vehicle is turned off you know the automatic parking brake has been activated, Therefore if the parking brake stays off after the vehicle is turned off you know the feature has been deactivated. Watch the video below to get a better idea of how the automatic parking brake works.

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George H
George H
Aug 16, 2023

I was completely bumfuzzled when the parking brake began setting itself. I was glad to find this explanation. Thank you.


Phillip Shearman
Phillip Shearman
Dec 24, 2022

This feature is explained and demonstrated very clearly is not mentioned at all in my manual. It just one day began working (after 4years) and stranded my wife and I in the car on the coldest day in December 2022. We had to abandon the vehicle in an unsafe place...Thank you Japanese idiots!

Dec 24, 2023
Replying to

Japanese idiots? Sounds like you'd be better off with a Chevy. Good luck with that.

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