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2017 Honda Accord Window Tips

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

2017 Honda Accord Window Tips

The Honda Accord has two very cool tricks that most people aren't aware of. With the Honda Accord, all four windows and the moonroof can be rolled up or down from outside the car very simple. There are two reasons why this is an amazing idea. The first reason is on a hot summer day you can roll down all of the windows from a distance away. Therefore by the time you get to the car, the car will be cooled down. The second reason is when you realize you forgot to roll up the windows. You have already turned off and gotten out of the vehicle. Instead of getting back into the vehicle and starting it up, you can simply roll the windows up from outside the car. Read below for direction on both of these Honda Accord Window Tips.

Rolling Windows Down With Remote

In order to roll down the windows with the key fob just press the unlock button twice. On the second click hold it down. The windows will begin to roll down. The windows will stop rolling down once you release the unlock button so if you want the windows rolled all the way down hold the button down until the windows are all the way down. Watch the video below to see how it's done.

Rolling Windows Up Without Getting Back In The Car

To roll the windows back up without getting back in the car all you have to do is remove the key from the key fob. This is done by sliding the tab over on the back of the fob and then the key will slide right out. Once the key is removed from the key fob insert the key into the door lock on the driver's door. Twist the key to the lock position and then immediately twist the key a second time but this time hold the key in the lock position and the windows will start to roll up. Keep Holding the key in the lock position until the windows and moonroof are completely shut. Once the windows are shut, remove the key and insert it back into the key fob. And thats it! It's that simple. Watch the video below to visually see how it works.

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